When you make the move to Redwood City with a family, you will quickly learn that it is one of the best places to live because of the amazing public school district. The Redwood City School District (RCSD) is comprised of 16 schools. Some schools follow students from kindergarten through middle school ages while others span K-5 with students moving on to separate middle schools within the district.

Redwood City’s top performing schools and unique educational programs focus on creating exceptional opportunities for all students. Families can even choose to have their children attend walkable neighborhood schools where students learn problem-solving, critical thinking skills, and team building within their community.

Additionally, RCSD offers intensive educational programs at five district schools designated as “School of Choice.” Each of these schools offer specialized focuses like STEAM or Spanish immersion. But students from across the district need to apply for admittance and are selected by lottery.

North Star Academy (Grades 3-8)

Award-winning Redwood City school of choice North Star Academy accepts highly capable 3rd-8th grade students. NSA is a California Distinguished School, National Blue Ribbon School designated by the US Department of Education and 2016 Honor Roll School recognized by Educational Results Partnership and Campaign for Business and Education Excellence.

NSA provides challenging core curriculum, opportunities to dive deeper into lessons and expand learning through fun enrichment programs that encourage student growth.

During an engineering and design lesson on how to trap heat, shared on YouTube, students worked in teams implementing the design thinking process. This type of experimentation at NSA translates into student’s future careers and fields of study.

Proud NSA parent, Realtor, Shab Nemati serves as VP of Enrichment at NSA. Shab created ten after-school enrichment programs including foreign language study, theatrical performances, and instrumental music. Find out more about NSA events, programs and after school enrichment on the NSA Parent Club website.

Adelante Spanish Immersion Elementary (Grades K-5)

Students have the opportunity to grow up learning two languages at Adelante Spanish Immersion Elementary. Adelante was second place for the 2016 School of the Year in Spanish Immersion from the Embassy of Spain as well as being a California Distinguished School.

The Redwood City school’s fifth-grade graduates speak, read, and write fluently in both English and Spanish. Half of the student population start kindergarten speaking English and half Spanish.

Adelante students are immersed in a new language as they learn math, science, and art. They graduate with the same knowledge as their peers from other schools plus an extra language.

Clifford Elementary (Grades K-8)

Clifford Elementary prepares its students for Silicon Valley careers through a robust STEAM program focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Clifford classes center around hands-on learning.

During middle school years, students gain job skills in computer coding and make an impact through environmental community service.  Extra mentorship is available to students from Healthy Cities after school tutoring.

John Gill Elementary (Grades K-5)

Redwood City School District students can choose to attend John Gill Elementary. John Gill has a dynamic STEAM program, but it also has something no other public school in the area has – Mandarin Immersion. Students grow up learning Chinese language, culture, and traditions.

Families from Chinese backgrounds and students who are up for a challenge can apply to this program. Students graduate with the ability to sing songs, do math and read fluently in Mandarin.

Redwood City Parks and Recreation: Magical Bridge Playground

Redwood City has a dynamic Parks and Recreation program that’s available to children all year long. As a Redwood City Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Shab is excited along with the rest of Redwood City for the new Magical Bridge Playground to open at the end of 2018 in Red Morton Park. The mission of Magical Bridge Playgrounds is to provide a place “Where Everyone Can Play.”

The playground encourages inclusive play with a variety of activities for children of diverse physical and cognitive abilities. The Swing & Sway Zone creates fun body position stimulation helping to enforce posture and balance.

The Slide Mound’s variety of slides offers something for everyone including accommodation for wheelchairs. We’re looking forward to children from all backgrounds and abilities to play and learn from each other at this inclusive Redwood City Park.

Find out how to enroll your student in Redwood City schools here and how to enjoy Parks and Recs programs here.