Redwood City works hard to maintain a small-town community feel even though our population of 85 thousand is anything but small. The tech industry is strong and continues to attract new residents to Redwood City and surrounding areas.

So knowing your neighbors and the services available to you during a time of rapid growth can be challenging. But Redwood City has re-organized its neighborhood associations to make getting to know your local community in-person and online easy.

Redwood City Welcomes New Neighborhood Associations

Recently, the number of Redwood City neighborhood associations increased from 11 to 17 to better serve the community. The new regions take into consideration the physical layout and characteristics of each neighborhood.

Residents are encouraged to hold meetings to discuss issues impacting their neighborhood – like public safety, caring for the elderly, and working toward common goals.

Neighborhoods Align with

Also, the new neighborhood associations align with the online community platform, Nextdoor connects neighbors in the same geographical location with each other online. Instead of putting a couch you want to give away on the front lawn with a “free” sign attached, post it on Nextdoor.

Answer requests for plumber referrals, offer pet sitting services or read city government announcements any time of day. Use Nextdoor to introduce yourself to your neighbors and start life-long relationships.

Shab and Jeff are Neighborhood Leaders

We’re both passionate about working with our neighbors to keep the community of Redwood City strong. As neighborhood association liaison for her hillside community of Canyon, realtor, Shab Nemati is leading an initiative to collect public feedback on desired updates to Garrett Park.

Every year Canyon neighbors throw a block party under a historic heritage tree. They mingle while enjoying fresh squeezed lemonade prepared by the Lemon Lady. Canyon Neighborhood Association will meet at the Canyon Inn restaurant on April 25th to kick-off their re-vamped community.

Jeff Phillips, mortgage professional, is the liaison for Centennial’s neighborhood association. He’s working with neighbors to find ways to slow car traffic in the Centennial area to keep kids and pedestrians safe. If you see a flag waving with a graphic of a martini glass in a Centennial neighbor’s front yard that means they’re hosting happy hour tonight!

Neighbors bring food and drink to share with each other at these pop up parties. Centennial Neighborhood Association is hosting a “Meet Your Neighbor” get together at Devil’s Canyon Brewery on April 27th.

Real Estate and Mortgage Trends for Redwood City

Redwood City is one of the most desirable locations to live on the Peninsula. Proximity to Silicon Valley jobs and the area’s natural beauty contribute to the soaring cost of home ownership. New construction on Canyon Road sold for $3,200,000 ($800/sqft) and a home on D Street in the Centennial neighborhood sold for $1,700,000 ($1,025/sqft).

Rates for 30-year fixed mortgages have gone up recently and buyers are increasingly switching to Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) where rates are more attractive. Other current mortgage trends include jumbo loans of up to $3M being made and down payments decreasing to 10%.

We know how to help buyers and sellers navigate the Redwood City real estate market. Check out our last blog post, “5 Secrets to Buying a Home in the San Francisco Bay Area” where we share insider tips on how to be a player in a challenging market.

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