Lemon Lady of Emerald Hills
My wonderful neighbors Karen and Frank!

Harvest Food Drive Giving Campaign!

We’re excited to share that we raised over 1000 pounds of food for the Second Harvest Food Drive thanks to your help! Jeff and I had the pleasure of meeting so many great people in our Redwood City neighborhoods – Jeff’s in Centennial and mine in Canyon. With the generosity of our communities, we were ecstatic to help so many people in need during the holiday season through our food drive.

Jeff and I know a fair amount of our neighbors, but we had the opportunity to meet so many more great people. We also discovered that we know some of the same families and have many mutual friends, which is a true delight. Of the many amazing people, we had the opportunity to meet Karen Morse the Lemon Lady of Emerald Hills.

She has an amazing lemon orchard where she harvests over 3000 pounds of lemons a year!  Karen ships lemons all over the US and has a regular clientele who return every year. Her lemons are free from chemicals, pesticides, and wax and are grown on non-GMO trees. Below is a lovely picture of Karen at her orchard and home.

Another amazing person we were happy to see was Ebbi Vijeh from the Peninsula Community Center. Ebbi is the membership director at PCC and is the proud father of four beautiful children. I had the pleasure of meeting Ebbi this past year and his lovely children.

I feel fortunate each time Ebbi greets me at PCC’s front desk, his smile and positive energy is contagious! PCC is a wonderful community gym that offers swim and gym memberships along with tennis memberships including the former.

Thank you to all of our amazing neighbors who contributed to the Second Harvest Food Drive in support of the greater community during the holidays.

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